Hong Kong – Lamma Island

Red boatDuring another of my “day in Hong Kong” layovers I took a ferry to a local island that promised two quaint fishing villages – Sok Kwo Wan and Yung Shue Wan.

ClamsNot really as quaint as you might first imagine, in part due to the huge factory on one end of the island with smokestacks peeking over the hills from almost every vantage.  And the thick humid air and overcast didn’t help.

It was however interesting to me that with only a path between the villages, there’s no need and therefore no ability to have full size cars on the islands – just bikes, wheelbarrows and a few go-cart-pickups for moving construction materials.  The result of scaling a village to the human inhabitants instead of to their automobiles does make even a poorly planned, somewhat dilapidated community cute to some extent.

In the end the day proved enjoyable between the ferry ride along Hong Kong’s skyscraper-studded waterfront, walking the hilly footpath between the two villages, and enjoying a beachside seafood lunch.

Complete photoset here.

Sok Kwu Wan beach


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